Serviere Itier, Yette (pseud: Mireille Avril) (fem) 1911-?? France, ?Nimes - ?, ?
singer, Yette may be a diminutive or misspelling for Yvette, 1933 she started using the stage name Mireille Avril, 1935-1936 comic opera singer at l'Opera de Monte Carlo, December 1935 she accompanied tenor Joseph Schmitt in his tour of Naples and Venice and with her voice full of charm and exquisite sensitivity in repertoire from Butterfly and Lakme she very pleasantly enhanced his program, 26.dec.1935 she was announced as the single main role in 'grand spectacle Wonder Bar' at theatre Royal in Toulouse, 12.aug.1938 in the ancient monastery of Valbonne she organized a charitable concert for the lepers there to comfort these undead through music with tenor Audiger, singer Perrette Rigaud, the comic Xuor and pianist Drivan ; 1931 or earlier she married Serviere

Title Parts

[] Roses et papillons. Ballet. Theatre Municipal, Nimes 29nov1931
[] Le Tigre de Marseille. Operette. Theatre Eden, Nimes 16dec1932
libretto Richard O'Monroy fils

[] Messe de requiem, 7 Juillet 1953-7 Juillet 1954. 2 Sopranos, alto, bass, mixed choir, orchestra with organ concertante. 1954. op25
dedication: Ecrite a la memoire de Lucien-Marie Aube en temoignage affectueux et dediee aux heros tombes en Indochine (anniversaire Cao-Bang et Dien-Bien-Phu), hommage a ceux qui sont revenus
dedication: Written in memory of Lucien-Marie Aube in loving testimony and dedicated to the fallen heroes in Indochina (anniversary Cao Bang and Dien Bien Phu), a tribute to those who have returned

[] Confidence. Melodie pour soprano et piano
poeme de Andrea Grave-Boulard
pub Choudens, Paris 1957

[] Aria pour cordes. Strings
pub Editions Max Eschig, Paris and Munchen

[] Petite suite. Horn, trumpet and trombone
pub Alphonse Leduc

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