Awbery, reverend John 1720-1775 England Hampshire, Winchester - Berkshire, Reading
fellow of New College Oxford, 1763 he owned property in Ardington Berkshire near Oxford, 1772 from Oxford he subscribed to Twenty Sermons by the late reverend William Fletcher dean of Kildare and rector of St Mary's Dublin, he made his last will 30.jul.1775 which was proved 10.oct.1775 ; 27.dec.1763 in Ardington he married Mary Clarke (died b1775)

Title Parts

[] Ode for the annual meeting "See Wykeham smiles". Partsong
music John Awbery
in Philip Hayes' Harmonia Wiccamica
ms 1155 Royal College of Music, London

[] Harmonia Wiccamica (Winchester College). The original music in score of the Graces, Jam lucis, and Dulce domum, also a song and ode composed for and perform'd at the anniversary meeting in London. Part songs
the whole collated, revised and corrected by Philip Hayes
pub Printed for the editor (Philip Hayes), London c1780
[] 1 - Two graces. John Bishop and John Reading
[] 2 - Jam lucis orto sidere. John Bishop
[] 3 - Dulce domum "Concinamus, O sodales". John Reading
[] 4 - Let omnibus Wiccamicis. William Hayes
[] 5 - Ode for the annual meeting "See Wykeham smiles". John Awbery
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