Ayer, Silas Hibbard sr. (pseud: Salis Reya) 15.jan.1861-15.jun.1950 USA Massachusetts, Boston - Boston
physician, 1900 as physician residing with wife, 3 sons and a servant at 318 Shawmut Avenue in Boston, 1910 as physician residing with wife, 4 sons and 2 servants at 318 Shawmut Avenue, 1930 residing at 318 Shawmut Avenue ; son of Daniel Carlos Ayer (Vermont, Saint Johnsbury 2.mar.1813-2.mar.1868 Boston) and Arthusa Ann Hibbard (Vermont, Saint Johnsbury 18.aug.1824-5.apr.1905 Ohio, Cleveland) ; 20.sep.1886 in Lowell he married Juliette Butterfield Davis (Massachusetts, Lowell 31.jul.1863-10.oct.1930 Lowell) ; son composer Nathaniel Davis, son composer Silas Hibbard jr.

Title Parts

[] The sportsman. March. Wind band
music Salis Reya
copyright Silas H. Ayer, Boston 5mar1900

[] The sportsman. March. Piano
music Salis Reya
pub Cundy Music Co., Boston 1900

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