Ayers, Lydia (fem) 22.aug.1952- USA NY, Endwell
flutist, electronics, 1984 BFA from the California Institute of the Arts in Los Angeles, 1990 artist-in-residence at the Center for Electronic Music in New York City, 1994 DMA from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, 1996-2005 based in Hong Kong, played gamelan and taught at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and Hong Kong University ; she married Andrew Horner professor in the Computer Science Department at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Title Parts

[] Last cry of the wild herons. Flute duet. 1971
[] Ansikten (Faces). Piccolo, flute, alto flute and bass flute
words, music and graphics by Lydia Ayers 18apr1976
[] 1 - Vatten (Water)
[] 2 - Eld (Fire)
[] 3 - Jord (Earth)
[] 4 - Luft (Air)
[] Suyun Goelgeleri. Pour alto flute seule. 15may1976
[] Ombres du vent. Flute duet. 19jun1976
[] Ombres des nuages (Shadows of the clouds). Pour B-bemol clarinet. 19jun1976
[] Ombres chinoises. Pour flute, viola et marimba. 28may1977
[] Ombres des toiles d'araignees. Marimba. 26jun1977
[] Ombres de la lune. Marimba. 16aug1977
[] Ombres du feu. Pour 2 piccolos et bassoon. 6sep1977
[] Ombres au feu. Pour deux piccolos et bassoon. 29nov1977
[] Ombres des etoiles. Percussion duet. 29nov1977
[] Ombres des feuilles, ombres des fleurs. Clarinet, bassoon, marimba and viola. 29nov1977
[] Eastern bagatelles. Violin. 1982 [] 1 - I am sleepless in your eyes' flames
[] 2 - Your smile's enigma of silent music
[] 3 - Rising from the water's ashes
[] 4 - Ironing the waves
[] 5 - Slipping underwater into a dream of silk
[] 6 - Gently gliding into fire
[] 7 - Caught in crevasses illuminated by blue lightning
[] Caprice in Marava. Alto flute and computer-synthesized gamelan. 1982
melody is based on the Indian Raga Marava

[] Pearls. Flute and cello. 1984
the flutist doubles on alto flute and ceramic flute, the violoncellist on "rice bowls with chopsticks"

[] Dangerous places. String quartet
pub American Composers Alliance, New York 1985

[] Temple of the fire-wind. 4 Flutes with 2 doubling on piccolo, 3 alto flutes, 2 bass flutes and water flute. 1985
[] Another victim found in rubble. Alto voice. 1986
Isabelle Ganz. IJsbreker, Amsterdam 1990

[] Photo. Flute, clarinet and saxophone. 1986
for flute (piccolo, alto flute, bass flute), clarinet (E flat clarinet, bass clarinet) and alto saxophone (sopranino saxophone, soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone)

[] Fireflies. Seven poems by Rabindranath Tagore, set for alto singer and clarinet in B flat. 1987
[] In the throne room of the mountain gods. String quartet
pub American Composers Alliance, New York 1987

[] Portrait. Trumpet. 1987
[] Etude detemperee. Guitar. 1987
[] Edges. Double reed quartet. 1987
[] Island of Marava. Flute, open-hole in microtones and multiphonics. 1989
composed in memory of a family member

[] Mountain of the fire wind. Flute (with multiphonics, microtones, key clicks) and electronics. 1989
flute solo accompanied by a virtual version of the 16 flutes and computer music soundscape in Mountain of the blue wind, Version 4, 2006

[] The sand child. Solo opera for mezzosoprano and tape 1994
Isabelle Ganz

[] Dreams from the shadow lands. Unaccompanied mixed voices with microtonal tunings. 1994
thesis DMA, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1994
[] 2 - Voyage
[] Merapi. Gamelan in pelog and slendro, with computer-generated tape tuned to the gamelan
pub American Gamelan Institute, Lebanon New Hampshire 1995

[] Dragon rugissant. Contrabass saxophone and tape. 1997
[] Time's graffiti. Lucky calligraphy for flute and computer music. 2006
In memory of Stephen "Lucky" Mosko (1947-2005)
commissioned by The National Flute Association Inc.
CD National Flute Association USA

[] Chalky desert where nothing grows. Flute and recorded soundscapes. 2006
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