Aylies, Robert 28.oct.1895-29.oct.1972 France Alsace, Munster - Munster
pianist, cornetist, conductor, at a young age his family moved to Bordeaux, 1900 studied piano and solfege in Bordeaux, 1914-1918 he served in WWI as stretcher-bearer and as cornetist in a military band in Bordeaux Gironde, after military service he was repetiteur of musicians and 3 years later orchestral conductor at the Alhambra, grand music-hall, cinema and dancing in Bordeaux, 1923 he settled in Alsace, he was an employee of Manufacture Hartmann in Munster, he was conductor and director of several musical societies, l'Harmonie, Estudiantina, accordion societies, symphonic orchestras and choral societies, 1970 residing at 4 rue Principale in Luttenbach near Munster ; he married Marthe Wildprett (Munster 21.jun.1903-14.jun.2009 Munster)

Title Parts

[] Les joyeux mandolinistes. Marche. Plucked string orchestra
pub Le Mediator, Epinay sur Seine 1950

[] Vallees d'Alsace. Grande valse de concert pour musique d'harmonie
performed at Nuit de l'Armee, Paris 1955

[] Manolete. Paso-doble
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