Aylwin, Josephine Crew (fem) 28.jul.1878-4.oct.1947 USA Kansas, Lawrence - California Alameda, Los Gatos
organist, studied at Berkeley High School and the University of California, 1900-1905 piano with Otto Bendix, 1900-1903 theory with Oscar Weil, 1903-1914 theory and organ with Humphrey John Stewart, organist of the Second Church of Christ Oakland for 7 years ; daughter of James Stafford Crew (Indiana jul.1841-27.may.1911 California, Berkeley) and Josephine Ludoveca Viele (Iowa aug.1840-19.may.1927 San Francisco) ; 27.sep.1899 in Berkeley California she married Robert Newton Aylwin (Idaho 20.jun.1875-18.dec.1951 Alameda)

Title Parts

[] Piano trio
[] Organ sonata
[] Pied Piper of Hamelin. Cantata
[] The strike. Comic opera. San Francisco 1919
libretto Marion Cumming

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