Aylworth, William ??-f1687 England, ? - ?, ?

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[] In a desert in Greenland. Song
in Playford's The Theatre of music. Book 4
pub Printed by B. Motte for Henry Playford, London 1687

[] Songs compleat, pleasant and divertive, set to musick by Dr. John Blow, Mr. Henry Purcell, and other excellent masters of the town. Ending with some orationes, made and spoken by me several times upon the publick stage in the theatre. Together with some copies of verses, prologues and epilogues, as well for my own plays as those of the poets, being all humerous and comical. Written by Mr. D'Urfey. Vol. I-V
pub Printed by W. Pearson for J. Tonson, London 1719-1720
including a composition by Aylworth
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