Ayres, Eugene Edmond 22.nov.1859-5.aug.1920 USA Kentucky, Russellville - Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
amateur musian, music editor, professor of greek by profession, studied at Richmond College Virginia, Georgetown College Kentucky, DD from Hartford Theological Semenary, studied music with private teachers, 1879-1883 teacher of latin and greek at Kentucky Preparatory Schools, 1883-1889 professor of greek at Judson College Alabama, 1898-1903 professor of psychology and philosophy at Georgetown College, 1903 professor of greek at Crozer Theological Seminary Pennsylvania, he wrote Handbook of musical history and 1886 Counterpoint and Canon, 1888-1893 he was the first editor of The Etude Philadelphia, music editor for the Baptist hymnal Sursum corda published 1898 ; 1888 in Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania he married Ada Marguerite Underwood (Pennsylvania, Shepherdstown 11.jul.1864-28.apr.1942 Chicago) ; son oil company executor Eugene Edmond Ayres Jr (South Carolina, Summerton 28.mar.1891-19.jul.1973 Pennsylvania, Wexford)

Title Parts

[] Sursum corda. A book of praise
editors E. H. Johnson and Eugene Edmond Ayres
compiled by O. J. White and Oakman S. Stearns
pub American Baptist Publication Society, Philadelphia 1898

[] Fugue - Fugue. Piano. pub1947
music Eugene Edmund Ayres
[the year of publication suggests this a composition by another person of the same name, possibly his son]

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