Johnson, Frederick Ayres (ka Ayres, Frederic) 17.mar.1876-23.nov.1926 USA NY, Binghamton - Colorado, Colorado Springs
1892-1893 studied engineering at Cornell University Ithaca, 1897-1901 composition with Edgar Stillman Kelley and 1899 with Arthur Foote in Boston, 1901 moved to Las Cruces New Mexico, 1902 to Colorado Springs ; son of judge Joseph Martin Johnson (Hoosac Falls 3.apr.1840-) and Anna Elizabeth Ayres (Binghamton 25.aug.1851-) ; 16.aug.1915 in Colorado Springs he married Clara Virginia Hobensack (Pennsylvania 1875-)

Title Parts

[] Take o take those lips away. Tenor and piano. 1906. op3/1
Paul Sperry, Irma Vallecillo. Alba 034

[] 2 Fugues. 1910. op9
[] The Seeonee wolves. Song cycle. op10
[] The open road. Intermezzo for piano. 1916. op11
[] Moonlight. Tone poem for piano. op12
[] Piano trio in A flat. 1914. op13
[] From the plains. Overture in c. Orchestra. op14
[] Sonata in d. Violin and piano. 1914. op15
[] String quartet no1 in c sharp. 1916. op16
[] Sonata in b. Cello and piano. op17
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