Ayse Sultan (fem) 2.nov.1887-10.aug.1960 Turkey, Istanbul - Istanbul
pianist, violinist, harpist, received music lessons from the italian Miralay Lombardi Bey at the sultan's music school in Istanbul, later studied music with Edgar Manas, Silvelli, Devlet Efendi and Liszt (not Franz), 1924-1952 she lived in exile in Paris, 1952-1960 she lived with her mother in Istanbul, she composed in a western style, not in the turkish classical style but she did use turkish motifs ; daughter of sultan Abdulhamid II (Istanbul 21.sep.1842-10.feb.1918 Istanbul) and his eighth wife Ayse Musfika (Caucasus, Hopa 10.dec.1867-16.jul.1961 Istanbul) ; 9.aug.1911-10.feb.1921 she married and divorced Ahmed Nami Bey ; 3.apr.1921-1.sep.1937 she was married to Mehmet Ali Rauf Bey until his death

Title Parts

[] March without name. Piano. 1941
[] March. Piano. 1942
[] Remembrance march. Piano. 1948
[] Sefkat waltz. Piano. 1949
[] Mazurka. Piano. 1949
[] Fatih march in C. Piano
[] Berceuse. Piano
[] Day-dreams. Piano
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