Ayucar San Juan, Eduardo 6.jun.1851-19?? Spain, Madrid - ?, ?
pianist, 1863-1864 studied solfege at Madrid Conservatory, 1871 second prize piano under Damaso Zabalza, sep.1871 he won the first prize piano in the contest by Sociedad El Fomento de las Artes Madrid, he settled in Linares where he devoted himself to composition, 1890 he was jury member in the Contest of Jaen held in Linares (fear of the advance of cholera caused the fairs and the contest were suspended), 1891 essays on zarzuela took place in his house for ladies and the most characteristic chickens of Linares, he had lived for several decades in Linares and starred a large part of the musical events in the city

Title Parts

[] Homenaje a Chopin. Piano
[] Vals brillante. Piano
pub A. Romero, Madrid 1876

[] Malaguena facilisima. Piano
dedication: A la nina Asuncion Toledo y Flores
pub N. Toledo, Madrid 1876
pub in Suplement de Cronica de la musica, 1882

[] Invocacion y suplica a Santa Cecilia. Voices and organ
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