Ayusheyev, Dandar Dampilovich 4/17.sep.1910-18.oct.1971 Russia Irkutsk Province (now Buryatia), Ulus Nugal - Buryatia, Ulan-Ude
brought up in a Buddhist monastery in Kyrenskom, 1932 studied music at the Verkhneudinsky College of Art, 1936-1938 worked as editor for radio in Ulan-Ude, 1943 graduated under Markian Frolov from Sverdlovsk Conservatory, 1946-1963 chairman of the Buryat Composers Union, he taught at the College of Music in Ulan-Ude

Title Parts

[] Giving. Opera. 1946
[] Bato. Ballet. Ulan-Ude 1948
[] Twin Cities. Opera. Buryat State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre, Ulan-Ude 1959
in a revised version as "The Brothers" staged in 1962
in collaboration with Boris Sergeyevich Meisel

[] Sayan. Opera
[] Sagaan-hut. Opera
unfinished, completed by Zhigzhitom Batueva c1990

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