Aznar Rivas, Pedro Benjamin 1.aug.1873-1959 Mexico, Merida - Ciudad Victoria
pianist, violinist, 1883 studied music with Jose Amendola, 1886 studied with Manuel Sanchez de Lara in Puebla, 1888-1889 studied at Spring Hill College in Mobile Alabama, 1888 graduated in piano with Disma Fumagalli and composition with Luigi Mapelli at Real Conservatorio de Milan Italy, 1889 music teacher in Merida, 1892 in Puebla, then in Mexico City, 1901 studied violin with Frugatta in Milan, conductor of a chamber orchestra in New York and Pennsylvania, opened an Academy of Music in Merida, as pianist he joined the Yucateco Quartet, 1913 he formed his own Trio Aznar, 1922-1959 he lived in Mexico City and gave concerts throughout the country, he died during a tour ; son of Gabriel Aznar Perez (Merida 23.sep.1843-) and Ana Maria Rivas Montilla ; 12.jan.1895 at Capilla del Santo Cristo de las Ampollas in Merida he married Maria Gutierrez Zavala

Title Parts

[] Minueto. Piano
music B. Aznar
pub August Wagner y Levien, Mexico City c1900

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