Aznar Garcia, Francisco 17.nov.1831-16.oct.1912 Spain, Zaragoza - Madrid
painter, he started composing at the age of about 70, all his known compositions are dedicated to bull-fighters, his biography as painter is well documented, as composer or musician nothing is documented ; son of Francisco Aznar Caceres (Valladolid 5.dec.1810-) and Maria Garcia Comyn (Murcia) ; he married Julia Sanjurjo Mendoza (San Sebastian 20.jan.1849-)

Title Parts

[] Montes. Pasodoble para piano
dedication: Al simpatico diestro Antonio Montes (bull-fighter)
pub Reprod. Music. A. S. Arista, Madrid c1900

[] Guerrito. Pasodoble. Piano. 1903
dedication: al diestro Antonio Guerrero (bull-fighter)

[] La boda de Juan Belmonte (bull-fighter). Paso doble. Piano
dedication: A Senorita Dona Julia Cossio
pub Ildefonso Alier, Madrid 1908

[] Corchaito (bull-fighter). Paso-doble. Piano
pub Ildefonso Alier, Madrid ?1924

[] La boda de Lagartijo chico (bull-fighter). Paso doble. Piano
pub Ildefonso Alier, Madrid & Barcelona ?1924

[] Almanseno (bull-fighter). Pasodoble. Piano
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