Azopardo, Pilar 18??-19?? Spain Catalunya, ?Manresa - ?, ?
pianist, singer, 1906-1916 teacher and singer of Orfeo Manresa in Manresa Barcelona, 1911 miss Pilar Azopardo sang the Salve of Calahorra in a solemn religious celebration at the chapel of Hospital de San Roque in Cadiz, she was the niece of the head of that institution Antonio Quesada, Dec 1923 she contributed to the Morocco campaign Christmas Eve of the soldiers in Africa

Title Parts

[] Himne de les bodes de plata. Cancion. Voice and piano
dedication: A la Associacio Remadet del Infant de Jesus, de Manresa
lletra de Mossen (priest) Josep Espel, pere
published in a Suplement to "Feminal". Barcelona 28nov1909

[] (details unknown). Compositions for voice and piano preserved in ms at Instituto Municipal de Historia in Barcelona
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