Azurica, Ignacio ?1758-?1793 Argentina, Yapeyu - Buenos Aires
organist, violinist, he studied music in the guarani (jesuit) community to which he belonged, 1770 because of a plague he was sent to Buenos Aires to study music, 1787 Juan Bautista Goiburu asked him to take care of the music at the cathedral and Seminario Conciliar in Buenos Aires, 1790-1793 choirmaster at Convento de La Merced, 1790-1793 received payments for teaching organ to two slave children (the first being Pedro Nolasco), 1791-1793 he played organ and directed the rehearsals for the Fiesta del Santo, as of November 1793 his trail is lost, he may have died around that time

Title Parts

[] Misa a San Pedro Nolasco. 1790
[Pedro Nolasco was his organ pupil in 1790]

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