Azzara, Carl Salvatore 13.aug.1928- USA NY, Yonkers
pianist, piano teacher, 1940-1946 studied piano with Flora Marinelli in Yonkers, 1946-1948 with Al Schofield in New York, 1950 with Edward J Feimer in Asbury Park, 1950 at the Teachers' College of Temple University in Philadelphia, 1950 private teacher at his studio 1211 Spruce Street in Philadelphia, 1954 graduated from Concord University in Athens West Virginia, bop pianist at supper clubs and hotels and in dance bands in New York City, San Antonio, Philadelphia and Virginia, 1980 residing in Oakton Virginia, 1993-2016 residing in Reston Virginia ; son of barber/record shop owner Charles Salvatore Azzara (Italy 1889-) and Anna Bennicasa (Italy 1890-) ; 28.nov.1953 in Yonkers he married Alice Carey (NY 2.apr.1931-), divorced 29.jun.1981

Title Parts

[] Why did you end my dreams. Song
words Buddy Wagner
copyright Erwin Ernest Wagner and Carl Salvatore Azzara, Yonkers NY 22feb1947

[] I'll be there. Song
[] Where you are, who knows. Song
words Marion H. Phillips
copyright Marion H. Phillips and Carl Salvatore Azzara 5sep1950

[] Tip-Toe. Song
words, music and copyright Marion Hull Phillips 8mar1950, arr Carl Salvatore Azzara

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