Bach, Carl Ludwig August 23.dec.1809-15.mar.1850 Germany, Furth - Lubeck
violinist, conductor, conductor of the Stadttheater in Leipzig, until 1845 conductor in Nuremberg, April 1845 conductor of the Lubeck Gesangsverein, 14.sep.1845 appointed city music and choir director of Lubeck, 19.dec.1845-1847 he gave chamber music evenings with a quartet in which he was first violinist

Title Parts

[] Messe in D. Alto, tenor, mixed choir and orchestra. Lubeck 1840
[] Tonet sanft ihr harmonien. Mixed choir
in the possession of the Lubeck Singakademie c1860

[] Konzertouverture
[] Heilig. Motet
[] Phantasie uber themen aus Herolds "Zampa". Violin and orchestra
[] Intermezzo to the play "Moses". Piano
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