Bach, Jay Maurice 7.may.1853-26.feb.1917 Switzerland, Sarnen - Illinois, Chicago (bur Wisconsin, Waukesha)
pianist, organist, 1854 his family emigrated to the USA, settling in Sandusky Ohio, studied at Stern Konservatorium Berlin under Jean Vogt, Karl Riedel and piano with Heinrich Ehrlich, 1854-1880 resident in Sandusky Ohio, 1880 professor of music in Sandusky, 1900 teacher piano, organ and theory in Henderson Kentucky, 1910 in Chicago ; son of Jacob Bach (Switzerland, Baden 1822-) and Sophia Wilker (Switzerland, Baden 1828-) ; 1884 he married soprano and music teacher Henrietta Stolz (Waukesha 15.oct.1862-30.dec.1937 Chicago)

Title Parts

[] Laredo. Opera
[] Marguerita. Opera
[] Alhamer. Opera
[] The politicians. Opera
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