Bachmann, Arthur H[ermann] sr. 13.feb.1879-4.oct.1936 Germany Sachsen, Chemnitz - USA Michigan, Flint
1906 residing in Lugau Sachsen, 1920-1923 music teacher in Neumunster Schleswig-Holstein, 15.jun.1922 as Tonkunstler he made a first visit to the USA arriving at New York as musical director, 27.nov.1923 emigrated with his son from Neumunster to the USA settling as musical director at his brother's home 203 Weaver Street in Rochester NY, 1924 his wife and daughter followed him, 1924-1926 as professor of music residing at 1385 Lake Avenue in Rochester, 1927-1936 as music teacher of a public school residing at 414 East First Street and at time of death at 6621 Beecher Road in Flint ; son of Hermann Bachmann ; in Germany he married Elisabeth Hartung (Germany, Waldshut 25.sep.1880-) ; daughter music teacher Hildegard (Germany, Niederwurschnitz 1901-) ; son composer Arthur Bachmann jr.

Title Parts

[] Ritter Olaf. Ballade. Romanze in 3 teilen. Tenor, bass, choir and orchestra
words Heinrich Heine
autograph ms of c1920 Schleswig-Holsteinische Musiksammlung, Neumunster Germany

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