Bachmann, Robert Christian 1944- Switzerland Luzern, ?Vitznau
conductor, writer on music, 1950 received his first piano and composition lessons from Alfred Leonz Gassmann, 1962 studied conducting with Rafael Kubelik at Lucerne Conservatory, 1967 at Berlin Conservatory, 1965 he won the Concours de Jeunes Chefs d'Orchestre prize in Besancon, 1980 made his London debut, 1989 conductor of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in London, 1993 of the Budapest Symphony and Budapest Philharmonic, 1999 of the Russian National Orchestra in Moscow, 2007 professor and director of the St Gellert Institute of Music in Szeged

Title Parts

[] Rotation 90 Grad N. Strings. 1998
Royal PO / Robert Bachmann. ARVA Classics 3900042

[] The fractal symphony. Mezzosoprano, choir, violins, didgeridoo and orchestra
from the opera Uluru 1995-1999
Balassagyarmat City Choir, Balint Balassi College Choir, Budapest SO / Robert Bachmann. ARVA Classics 3900134

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