Badcock, Geagle 1725-24.may.1802 England, ? - Oxford
cook at Pembroke College University of Oxford for 50 years, 4.feb.1762 he was alumnus privilegiatus of Oxford University, 22.mar.1768 Richard Townshend became his apprentice cook at Pembroke College, 1768 he owned messuage in Abingdon, 25.feb.1773 he withdrew as member of the Oxford Freemason United Grand Lodge No.180 ; father of blacksmith William Geagle Badcock (1768-1775 apprentice of blacksmith Samuel Read in London, 9.jun.1778 alumnus librarum fabricator of Oxford University, 6.jul.1786 William married widow Alice Warren at St Leonard in London Shoreditch)

Title Parts
[] The boars head. Song. Male voices
"paraphrased by Mr. Geagle Badcock"
ms Cambridge Massachusetts USA

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