Baecker, Casimir 2.mar.1790-14.mar.1864 Germany, Berlin - France, Paris Saint-Cloud
harpist, 1799 adopted and brought to France by Stephanie Felicite Ducrest comtesse de Genlis (Autun 23.jan.1746-31.dec.1830 Paris) who taught him to play the harp according her system which included the use of the little fingers, c1808 debuted at concerts in Paris but inspite gaining a brilliant success he soon vanished into private life because of his affair with Duchesnois, 25.sep.1810 he 'fled' to Germany where he was harpist to the king of Prussia, c1813 he returned to Paris, after his marriage he settled in Mantes-la-Jolie, 4.sep.1817 his second request for a name change to Genlis was not granted, 16.mar.1822 in Paris he was baptized as Frederic Henri Louis Charles Lamorale Casimir Marie Baecker, 1.jan.1830 at rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honore 45 he opened harp courses on the method of Mme de Genlis, April 1835 was his last known concert in Paris, 1844 residing in Vernon Eure ; son of Henri Baecker and Sophie Tauffmann ; c1809-c1811 he was married to actress of the Comedie-Francaise Catherine Josephe 'Josephine' Raffin dite Duchesnois (Saint-Saulve 5.jun.1777-8.jan.1835 Paris) ; he never acknowledged their son Henry Achille Raffin Duchesnois (Paris 20.jan.1810-18.oct.1839 Algeria, Philippeville) ; c1813 he married Marguerite Claudine Adele Carret (c1796-1850), daughter of a counselor-master to the Court of Auditors ; of 4 children Valerie (died in childhood), Valerie and Louis (Mantes 28.apr.1820-19.jan.1873 Vitre)

Title Parts

[] La Novice religieuse. Romance. Piano ou harpe
mentioned in Madame de Genlis' Feuille des Gens du monde, Paris 1813

[] Le Barde moderne. Romance. Piano ou harpe
mentioned in Madame de Genlis' Feuille des Gens du monde, Paris 1813

[] Marche au suplice et delivrance d'un innocent, pour la Harpe
played by Casimir Baecker himself at the concert of the new Music Fund for the Relief of Decayed Musicians, their Widows and Orphans. London 17 June 1836

[] (details unknown). Morceaux. Harp
composed or arranged by Casimir Baecker, which he played at his concerts, nothing seems to have been published

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