Bagge, Julius 2.feb.1844-24.aug.1890 Sweden Stockholm, Tumba - Sodertalje
publisher and folk music collector, 1865 studied at Uppsala University with classmate Petrus Blomberg (Spelvik 9.aug.1841-16.jan.1907 Falun), 1874 he took over the music publishing company of Abraham Hirsch and 1877 founded his own, 1889-1890 librarian of the Academy of Music

Title Parts

[] Karlek och dod eller Mohrens sista suck (Love and death or The Moor's last sigh). Opera. 1865
music with Petrus Blomberg (1841-1907)
libretto Per Elfvik
Soloists, Choir, Sodermanlands-Nerikes Nationskapell / Christer Henriksen. BIS 5004

[] Sonata in G. Violin
2007-03-23 16:58:34