Baggers nee Halbronn, Lucie 9.aug.1865-19?? France, Paris - ?, ?
modiste (milliner), before her marriage 1886 residing with her parents at 6 Rue de Marseille in Paris ; daughter of David Halbronn (Paris 23.mar.1838-) and Sara Hurlaender (1841-) ; 19.may.1886 in Paris she married composer Marius Baggers

Title Parts

[] La petite guerre. Pas redouble
music L. Baggers (pour orchestre par Marius Baggers)
pub Auguste Bosc, Paris 1901

[also attributed to Marius Baggers, but since L. Baggers is too much coincidence to be a printing error of the publisher, it was probably a composition for piano by Lucie which was arranged for orchestra by her husband Marius]

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