Bagnacavallo, padre Francesco Antonio da f1700-f1771 Italy, Bagnacavallo - ?, ?
minore osservante, priest

[since a flourish span of 71 years is unlikely, one of the years of composition 1700 or 1771 is probably wrong]

Title Parts

[] Magnificat a 8. Double choir and bc. 1700
ms Bischoflichem/Santini Bibliothek, Munster Germany

[] 1771 Mastelar, e tripar a tre "Chi vuol cun zia". 2 Tenors and bass
del Padre Antonio Bagnacavallo
?autograph ms of 1771 Zagreb Croatia

[] Mass in G. 2 Tenors, bass and bc
ms of 1784 Dubrovnik Croatia

[] Lamentazione terza dal Mattutino della prima sera. 2 Tenors, bass and bc
[] Tantum ergo in F. Bass and organ
del Bagnacavallo Donavit mihi P.L.V.
ms Omis Croatia

[] Scaranne rot. Baccanale di Conciacareghe alla Milanese. 2 Tenors and bass
[] Te Deum. 2 Tenors, bass and organ
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