Baillie, Lady Grisell Hume 25.dec.1665-6.dec.1746 Scotland Berwickshire, Redbraes Castle - England, London
folksong collector, during the Reformation her father was denounced and pursued but succeeded in escaping to Holland, his amiable and devoted daughter Grisell shared and lightened his privations and his exile, 1688 upon his return he was awarded the earldom of Marchmont for bravery and loyalty, during her very happy married life she resided at Mellerstein House in Gordon Berwickshire ; daughter of Sir Patrick Hume (Redbraes Castle 3.jan.1641-1.aug.1724 Berwick on Tweed) and Grizel Ker (Scotland, Cavers 1650-10.nov.1703) ; 17.sep.1692 she married George Baillie (Scotland, Jerviswoode 1664-6.aug.1738 England, Oxford) ; grandmother of composer Rachel Baillie (Scotland, Jerviswoode 1719-20.oct.1797 Gordon, Mellerstain House)

Title Parts

[] Werena' my heart licht I wad dee. Song
"a sweet song which ought ever to keep her memory green with its touchingly pathetic refrain" (David Baptie)

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