Baily nee Pagan, Margaret Naismith Osborne (fem) 1878-1967 Scotland Fife, Cupar - Edinburgh
singer, born at 58 Bonnygate in Cupar, she was named after her grandparents Naismith and Osborne, studied at St George's in Edinburgh, privately with Vittorio Ricci and Mrs. Kennedy Fraser and at the Guildhall School of Music in London, 1908 in Edinburgh she sang Solveig in Peer Gynt at the first performance in Britain and 1912 at the Little Theatre in London, 1926 first prize in the Edinburgh Musical Competition Festival, 1933-1945 as music teacher residing in Newbury, Juniper Green, Midlothian, 1949 at 25 Gillespie Road in Edinburgh, 1960 still giving lectures on opera, 1962 residing at 11 Merchiston Bank Gardens in Edinburgh ; daughter of banker George Hair Pagan (Cupar 1828-1881 Cupar) and Jessie Osborne (Glasgow 1843-1938) ; together with 5 siblings she was raised by the retired farmer (at age 36) uncle John Smithson and aunt Eliza Osborne Smithson, her grandmother Margaret Osborne and lots of servants ; 1899 at St Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh she married professor of electrical engineering Francis Gibson Baily (London Paddington 21.may.1868-23.feb.1945 Newbury) ; of their 3 children Marjorie Beatrice died aged 4 and Eva Constance aged 27

Title Parts

[] Hippolytus (Euripides). Incidental music. 1921
[] The emperor and the Galilean (Ibsen). Incidental music. 1924
the performance was broadcasted from Glasgow

[] Antigone (Sophocles). Incidental music
[] Dark brown is the river. Song
words R. L. Stevenson

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