Baird, Irene Violet Elise Todd (fem) 9.apr.1901-17.apr.1981 England, Carlisle - Canada, Coquitlam near Vancouver
novelist, poet, no composer, 1919 emigrated with her parents to Vancouver Canada, 1931-1933 teacher at the exclusive St Georges Anglican private school in Vancouver, comment, 1942 she worked for the National Film Board (NFB) in Ottawa, 1944-1947 she worked for the NFB in Mexico, 1950-1967 information officer/head of the department of Ministry of Mines and Resources in Ottawa, this job involved many trips to the Arctic and the Inuit, 1968-1973 lived in London, 1973 settled in Victoria Canada ; c1935 she married engineer Robert Baird

Title Parts

[] Blow spirit. Theatre music based on an Eskimo legend. Choir, percussion, projection and tape. Vancouver 1971
words from the 1966 poem of Irene Baird, music Karl Kobylansky

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