Baka nee Baitz, Irma (fem) 1867-1.apr.1925 Hungary, ? - Budapest
pianist, active in Budapest, 1893-1923 residing at 21 Nagymezo-utca (street) in Budapest VI, by 1906 she had composed 61 and by 1912 67 highly successful pieces, 1916 seems to be her last publishing year with a 'new smash hit song', her compositions were so popular in the salons of Budapest and abroad that many of them were arranged by other composers for gypsy/salon orchestra

Title Parts

because her compositions had many reissues and arrangements, the original year of composition is difficult to determine
[] Aurora. Polka-mazur. Piano. op6
[] Arvaleanyhaj. 3 eredeti magyar. op7 [] 1 - Ragyogo szep szemu lanyka
[] 2 - Harom czigany
[] 3 - Elbeszelik a viragok
[] Ezer es egy ej (Tausend und eine nacht) (1001 Nacht). Walzer. Piano. op12
pub Rozsavolgyi & Co., Budapest 1895

[] Gyongyvirag (Maiglockchen). Polka-mazurka. Piano (also for Gypsy orchestra). op14
[] Abbazia. Walzer. Piano (also for Gypsy orchestra). op16
pub Rozsavolgyi & Co., Budapest 1896

[] Rozsa es pillango (Rose und schmetterling). Polka. Piano. op19
[] A forras tundere (Die Quellennixe). Fantasie. Piano. op20
[] Nefelejts-Csardas (Vergissmeinnicht-Ungarischer tanz). Piano. op21
pub Rozsavolgyi & Co., Budapest 1902

[] Csillagos ej "Ah, ez az ej" (Sternennacht "Ach diese nacht"). Gesangswalzer. op22
[] Havasi rozsa (Alpenrose). Polka-mazurka. Piano (also for Gypsy orchestra). op24
[] A tenger "Oh! melyseges mely tengerek". Walzerlied. op25
[] Szecesszio-indulo (Secessio-indulo) (Backfisch-marsch). Piano (also for Gypsy orchestra). op26
[] Bakfis-indulo (Backfisch-marsch). Piano (also for Gypsy orchestra). op27
[] Vadviragok (Wildflowers) 1. Az Isten se tiltja. op28
[] Vadviragok (Wildflowers) 2. Vagyva vagyik. op29
[] Vadviragok (Wildflowers) 3. Megallok en vegignezek. op30
[] Pompeji "Elmul a hev". Pompej-Walzer. Piano (also for Gypsy orchestra). op31
[] Boheme-indulo (Boheme-marsch). Piano. 1901. op32
[] Automobil-indulo (Automobil-marsch). Piano (also for Gypsy orchestra). op33
[] Bacskai notak. 3 eredeti magyar 1. Szomorufuz arnyekaban. op34
[] Bacskai notak. 3 eredeti magyar 2. Olyan a lany. op35
[] Bacskai notak. 3 eredeti magyar 3. Piros rozsa levele. op36
[] Zephir. Polka francaise. Piano. op37
pub Rozsavolgyi & Co., Budapest 1904

[] Napraforgo (Sonnenblume). Polka mazurka. Piano. op43
pub Rozsavolgyi & Co., Budapest 1904

[] Naszuton (Honeymoon). Mazurka. 1908. op46
[] Viragnyilas. Polka mazur. Voice and piano. op52
[] Margit-keringo (Margarethen-walzer). Piano (also for Gypsy orchestra). 1906. op61
[] Nyar mulasan (Passing summer). Boston waltz. Piano. 1911. op61
[] Hivogato. Romancz. Voice and piano. 1912. op64
words Peterdy Andor
pub Franzs Bard & Bruder, Budapest 6jan1914

[] Zsur indulo. March. Voice and piano. 1912. op66
words Peter Andor

[] Erdo olen. Boston dalkeringo. Waltz song. Voice and piano. op77
[] Roccoco (Rococo). Gyorspolka zongorara (Rococo-Schnellpolka), fur pianoforte (also for Gypsy orchestra)
pub Rozsavolgyi & Co., Budapest 1893

[] Postilon d'amour. Polka pour piano
pub Franz Bard & Bruder, Budapest 1895

[] Havasi gyopar (Edelweiss). Polka-mazurka. Piano (also for Gypsy orchestra). b1905
[] Alkony (Twilight). Dalkeringo-boston. Boston waltz. Voice and piano. 1912
words Peterdy Andor

[] Mint tavoli halk buvos zene (Distant quiet magical music). 1912
[] Az elso csok (The first kiss), dalkeringo. Waltz. 1916
new smash hit song in 1916

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