Baker, Dalton 17.oct.1879-22.mar.1970 England Surrey, Merton - Canada, Vancouver
baritone, organist, choirmaster, 1890-1893 choirboy at All Saints Margaret Street London, 1894-1896 organist/choirmaster of Guards Chapel London, 1896-1903 organist/choirmaster of St Mary Magdalene Munster Square London, 1901 RAM, 1903 ARAM, 5.feb.1902 debuted as singer at St James's Hall Ballad Concerts, from here his career as singer took off rapidly, by 1908 he had already toured the USA four times, 1914 moved to Canada and became teacher of singing at the Toronto Conservatory of Music and organist/choirmaster of Timothy Eaton Memorial Church in Toronto

Title Parts

[] Ave verum corpus. Choir
[] Shadows of evening. Anthem
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