Baker, David 3.oct.1940- England, Nottingham
[? baritone singer], not identified as composer, born at 17 Austen Avenue, educated at Nottingham High School, studied at the Royal Academy of Music in London, 7.feb.1970 a David Baker with his students of the Halifax Music Centre gave a concert at Halifax Parish Church, 5.oct.1977 a baritone singer David Baker with Elizabeth Flatt on piano gave a concert at All Saints Church in Northampton ; son of composer Reginald Baker

[in Maggie Humphreys 1997 erroneously listed as composer]

Title Parts

[] Sonata. Cello and piano. 1978

[in Maggie Humphreys 1997 erroneously attributed to David Baker (Nottingham 3oct1940-), this sonata is actually by David Nathaniel Baker]

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