Baker, David Nathaniel 21.dec.1931-26.mar.2016 USA Indiana, Indianapolis - Bloomington
jazz tubist, trombonist, cellist, bassist, 1953 BM and 1954 MM in music education from Indiana University in Bloomington, studied composition with George Russell, William Russo, John Lewis, Thomas Beversdorf, Bernhard Heiden, Gunther Schuller, Norman Merrifield, Juan Orrego-Salas, diploma from the Lenox School of Jazz, 1954-1972 trombonist in jazz bands, 1956-1957 teacher at Lincoln University in Jefferson City Missouri, 1958-1959 in Indianapolis Public Schools, 1963-1964 at Indiana Central College, 1960-1966 teacher and 1966 professor and chairman of jazz studies at Indiana University, received many awards, commissions and appointments to boards, he wrote extensively on jazz

Title Parts

Three etnic dances. Jazz suite for clarinet and orchestra
Alan Balter, Akron SO. Telarc 80409
1 - Jiggerbug
2 - Slow drag
3 - Calypso
Images, shadows and dreams. Five vignets. Choir and jazz ensemble. 1993
Plymouth Music Series Ensemble Singers of Minnesota / Philip Brunelle. Collins 1476
1 - Rents due Monday
2 - The Nonagenarian
3 - If there be sorrow
4 - The rebel
5 - Let me tell you how to meet the day
[] Sonata. Cello and piano
music David Baker (1931-), cello part edited by Janos Starker
pub Associated Music, New York 1978

[] Concerto for flute and jazz band
[] Concerto for trombone and jazz band
[] Concerto for bass viol and jazz band
[] Levels. Bass viol, flute quartet, horn quartet, string quartet and jazz band. Claremont California 1973
[] Trio. Alto saxophone, horn and cello
[] Concerto for violin and jazz ensemble. 1969
[] The dude. Cello and piano
[] Romanza and march. 3 Trombones
[] Sonata for piano and string quintet
[] Sonata for 2 pianos
[] Passions. Brass quintet
[] Hymn and deviation. Brass quartet
[] Dirge and dance. Brass quartet
[] Modality, tonality and freedom. Saxophone and ensemble
[] Viola sonata
[] Violin sonata
[] Sonatina. Tuba and string quartet. 1971
[] Cello sonata. New York 16feb1974
[] Sonata. Violin and cello
[] The new Americans. Brass choir
[] Bratitudes. Choir, dancers, narrator and orchestra
[] Black America, to the memory of Martin Luther King Jr. Cantata. Choir
performed on Voice of America each year on the anniversary of Dr. King's death

[] But I am a worm. Choir, jazz ensemble and orchestra
[] Catholic mass for peace. Choir and jazz ensemble
[] Lutheran mass. Choir and jazz ensemble
[] Lutheran mass. Soprano and piano
[] Jazz mass. Choir and jazz septet
[] I am poured out like water. Men's voices and string orchestra
[] I will tell of thy name. Choir, dancers, jazz ensemble and string orchestra
[] My God, My God. Choir, jazz ensemble and string orchestra
[] Psalm 22. Oratorio
[] Psalm 23. Choir and organ
[] 5 Songs to the survival of black children. A cappella chorus
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