Baker, Frederick Thomas 25.jul.1854-31.may.1928 England Channel Islands Alderney, St Anne - USA Pennsylvania, Norristown
1869 emigrated to the USA, 1881 music teacher at 1032 Chestnut Street while residing at 621 South 16th Street in Philadelphia, 1886-1887 music teacher at 1532 North 20th Street in Philadelphia, 1888 piano tuner at 33 East Miner Street in West Chester Pennsylvania, 1900-1928 inmate at the State Hospital for the Insane in Norristown, by 1910 he was no longer able to read and write ; son of salesman James Baker (16.may.1832-24.mar.1908 Philadelphia) and Elizabeth Knight (Channel Islands, Guernsey 4.mar.1828-27.mar.1905 Philadelphia) ; brother of music teacher Walter Knight Baker (Guernsey, St Pierre Port 21.dec.1866-) ; since 1875 he lived with Olivia Leighton (Philadelphia 14.nov.1849-8.dec.1931 Rideley Park) and had 4 children, 6.dec.1899 already a patient he married her so she could live on alone as capitalist

Title Parts


[] Blue bells of Scotland. Piano
arr of a traditional
pub F. A. North & Co., Philadelphia 1880

[] American line march, composed for the piano-forte
pub F. A. North & Co., Philadelphia 1880

[] Sous les magnolies (Under the magnolias). Danse Americaine. Piano
pub Oliver Ditson Co., Boston 1880

[] Dancing in the twilight. Piano
pub Lee & Walker, Philadelphia 1881

[] Bick-backa-bick. March. Piano
pub Lee & Walker, Philadelphia 1881

[] Far o'er the sea fadeth the light. Vocal duet for soprano and tenor with piano accompaniment
dedication: To Mr. L. H. Hall
words Mesido
pub F. A. North & Co., Philadelphia 1882

[] Visions of rest. Waltzes. Piano as played by all the principal orchestras
dedication: To my brother, Walter K. Baker
pub F. A. North & Co., Philadelphia 1885
pub Oliver Ditson Co., Boston 1890

[] The merry princes. Gavotte. Piano
pub Oliver Ditson Co., Boston 1885

[] Danse ecossaise, composed for the pianoforte
pub F. A. North & Co., Philadelphia 1885
pub R. Cocks & Co., London 1886
pub for piano duet Oliver Ditson Co., Boston & London 1890

[] The alpine violet. Bluette. Piano
dedication: To Miss M. E. Smedley
pub F. A. North & Co., Philadelphia 1885

[] Love's sigh waltzes (Soupir d'amour). Piano (also for Salon orcestra)
pub F. A. North & Co., Philadelphia 1886
pub E. Ashdown, London 1888
pub Walter Street, Montreal c1890
[] - Three waltzes and finale
[] Constitutional centennial march
In commemoration of the one hundredth anniversary of the adoption of the constitution of the U.S. Sept. 15th, 16th & 17th. 1887
pub F. A. North & Co., Philadelphia 1887

[] The dove's return waltzes, for the piano-forte
pub Fred T. Baker, West Chester Pennsylvania 1888

[] Joyeux soldat. Marche militaire pour piano
pub R. Cocks & Co., London 1888

[] Maiden dreams. Schottische for the pianoforte
pub C. Sheard, London 1889

[] Hermione waltzes, for the pianoforte
pub C. Sheard & Co., London 1889

[] The pet dove. Waltzes for the pianoforte
pub E. Ashdown, London 1890

[] Old Mother Hubbard dance
arranged for 1st & 2nd mandolins and guitar by George W. Persley
pub Wm. A. Pond & Co., New York 1894

[] Clickety-click. Song
words A. J. Foxwell
pub J. Curwen & Sons, London 1901

[] Aesthetic. Galop
[] Angel's dream. Reverie. Piano
[] Boatman's reverie. Barcarole. Piano
[] Butterfly. Caprice. Piano
[] Clear as light now flows the stream. SA voices
[] Creole beauty. Morceau de salon. Piano
[] Cunard line march
[] Forsyth. Piano 4 hands
[] Dream of pleasure. Nocturne. Piano
[] Echo des Alpes. Fantasie de concert. Piano
[] Egyptian waltz
[] Empire state march. 2 Pianos
[] Flight of fancy. Grand galop
[] Frolic galop
[] Goldon spray. Waltz
[] Hunter's frolic. Piano
[] Janthe. Grand valse brillant
[] Japanese dance. Piano
[] Jolly jack tars
[] King of the North. March
[] Lady of the lake. Danse character
[] Lang try march
[] Lotus flower caprice. Piano
[] Love's reply. Schottische
[] Marie gavotte
[] Meadow brook. Caprice. Piano
[] Melody in G flat. Piano
[] Merry princess gavotte
[] Military schottische
[] Moonlight shadows. Piano
[] My boy, remember me
[] Northcott. Waltz
[] Perfection. Polka
[] Pride of the flock. March
[] Promenade dans le jardin. Piano
[] Queen of the North. Waltzes Piano 6ms
[] Queen's jubilee march
[] Kippling stream. Waltz
[] Saint George's march
[] Star of love. Nocturne. Piano
[] St George's. Polka
[] Swedish dance
[] Tally ho! March
[] Utopian. Waltz. Piano 4ms, 6ms
[] Venetian. Waltz
[] When the roses bloom and fade. Song and dance
[] When the setting sun is throwing. Unison song
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