Baker, Rev. John 17??-21.may.1824 England, ? - Kent, Bromley
reverend, of Bromley Kent, MA from Lincoln College Oxford, brother of Rev. Robert Baker, 1823 he made his last will which was proved 21.may.1824 to his widow Elizabeth Roberts whose own will was proved 2.oct.1848

Title Parts

[] A glee and catch for 3 voices
composed by the Revd. J. Baker M.A. Linc. Col. Oxon, with an accompaniment for the piano forte or harp by Timothy Essex
pub Printed for T. Essex, London 1793
[] - Love's a tyrant, youth's the slave. Glee
[] - Your force, mighty wine. Catch
[] A new edition of Catches, glees, rounds & duetts
pub Printed for the author & to be had at Messrs. Longman & Broderip, London c1795

[] A glee and catch for 3 voices, with an accompaniment for the pianoforte
pub T. Essex, London c1798

[] Darby and Joan, a glee for 3 voices
pub Broderip & Wilkinson, London c1800

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