Baker, captain Percy 28.mar.1880-20.apr.1975 England Worcestershire, Upton-on-Severn - Gloucestershire, Tewkesbury
organist, teacher piano, only days after his birth his parents moved to Tewkesbury where his birth was registered, studied music privately and at the Royal College of Music in London, organist of St Mary Abbey Church in Tewkesbury, of St James Church in London Piccadilly, of St Thomas Church Regent Street London, of St Thomas in London Clapton Common, of St Matthew's in Upper Clapton, in Tewkesbury Walton Cardiff, 1910-1943 organist and master of the choristers of Tewkesbury Abbey, 1912 conductor of the Tewkesbury Festival and the Philharmonic Society, 1912-1974 residing at Hazeldene on 73 Gloucester Road in Tewkesbury, 1914-1918 lieutenant of the Royal Fusiliers

Title Parts

[] Toccatina. Piano. op12/2
pub Bunz & Co., London 1907

[] Break, break, break. Song
words Alfred Baron Tennyson
pub E. Osborne & Co. Ltd., London 1917

[] Three expressive pieces for piano
pub A. Hammond & Co., London 1922
[] 1 - Two voices
[] 2 - Reverie
[] 3 - Impromptu
[] A simple setting of the Office for the Holy Communion in A
pub W. Paxton & Co., London 1924

[] God be in my head. Vesper hymn
pub Bayley & Ferguson, London & Glasgow 1931

[] I am the living bread. Introit or Antiphon
pub Bayley & Ferguson, London & Glasgow 1933

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