Bakhchisaraitsev, Modest Alekseyevich 30.jul/11.aug.1903-3.dec.1961 Russia, St Petersburg - Smolensk
pianist, 1919-1922 studied piano at the Taganrog Music School, 1922-1925 studied theory with Aleksandr Kamensky and piano at Rostov-on-Don Conservatory, 1929 graduated in composition with Reinhold Gliere from the Gnesin Academy in Moscow, 1939-1940 conductor of the Uzbek Philharmonic, 1944-1946 of the Caucasian Philharmonic, 1947 of the Dagestan National Orchestra, 1949-1953 conductor of theatres in Ivanovo, Voronezh, Kemerovo, Leningrad and Sverdlovsk, 1953-1954 head of the music department in Vladimir, from 1954 he lived in Smolensk

Title Parts

[] String quartet no1. 1926
[] A cat wanders where it wants (tale by Rudyard Kipling). Baku 1930
[] Bujnaja vataha (Violent gang). Operetta. Baku 1933
[] Tempo. Ballet-pantomime. Baku 1934
[] The Poem of the oil fountain. Orchestra. 1936
[] String quartet no2 on themes of Azeri folk songs. 1937
[] War and peace (poem by Vladimir Mayakovsky). Soloists and symphony orchestra. 1943
[] Suite. Orchestra. 1947
[] Forest noise. Choir. 1952
words N. Gribachev

[] Azerbaijani march. Orchestra
[] Transcaucasian rhapsody. Piano and orchestra
[] You and you. Song
words A. Pushkin

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