Bakirov, Enver (russian:Anvar) Zakirovich 7.jul.1920-10.aug.2001 Russia Tatarstan, Kazan - Kazan
violinist, 1940 graduated in violin from Kazan Musical College, 1952 graduated in composition with Albert Semyonovich Leman from Kazan State Conservatory, 1951-1956 taught at the Kazan Music College, 1956-1957 director at the Tatar Opera and Ballet Theatre 'Musa Jalil', 1957-1970 teacher in the children's music schools of Yelabuga Kazan, 1958 founded a music school in Yelabuga Kazan, 1970-1997 professor and head of the composition department of Moscow Conservatory

Title Parts

[] Sonatina. Cello and piano. 1947
[] The golden comb. Ballet. 1957 [] - Interlude
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