Balay (Balai), Leonid Petrovich 1.jan.1940-oct.1991 Russia, Leningrad - ?
choirboy and later conductor of  the choir of the Choral School 'Glinka' in Leningrad, 1958-1964 studied composition with Vadim Salmanov at Leningrad Conservatory, 1966 graduated under Adolf Skulte from Riga Conservatory, studied conducting with F Kozlov and piano with A F Kurnavin

Title Parts

[] Islands of the stars. Choir. 1965
[] Symphony. 1965
[] Russian symphony. 1966
[] Pathetic cantata. Narrator, choir and orchestra. 1968
[] Divertissement. Woodwind quintet and harp. 1971. op7
[] Die zertanzten schuhe. Ballet film. 1977
DEFA Sinfonieorchester / Manfred Rosenberg

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