Balbiani, Celestino 24.sep.1880-7.jun.1956 Italy, Milan - Milan
organist, organ builder, 1912 with his brother Luigi he continued the organ building firm of his father Natale, 1927 the firm merged with the organ building firm of Carlo Vegezzi Bossi, the firm build hundreds of organs, over 40 organs in Milan alone but also wordwide, 1913 at S. Maria della Porta in Milan, 1918 at Gesu Nuovo in Naples, 1922 at the Cathedral of Pamplona Colombia, 1927 at the Cathedral of Newark USA, 1930 three grand organs at the Cathedral of New York, 1954 at the Cathedral of Sao Paulo ; son of Natale (Lecco 25.dec.1836-22.oct.1912 Milan) ; brother of Luigi (Milan 28.mar.1891-1.apr.1963 Milan) ; 1919 he married Alessandra Vegezzi Bossi, daughter of the organ builder Carlo Vegezzi Bossi ; son composer Cesare Balbiani

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[] (details unknown)
in "Musica sacra in Italia dal 1925 al 1975" by Sante Zaccaria, pub G. Zanibon, Padua 1975
? mentioned as composer or only as organ builder in this book

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