Balbiani, Cesare 15.feb.1922- Italy, Milan
organist, organ builder, 1956 with his brothers Natale and Alessandro he continued the organ building firm of his father Celestino and grandfather Natale, by 1966 the number of organs build since 1550 counted 1761 including the organs build by Carlo Vegezzi Bossi that merged with Balbiani in 1927, 1962 he build the organ of Pavia Cathedral, his classification of organ registers is considered the most responsive to the needs of a precise classification of the various types and models of organ pipes ; son of composer Celestino ; brother of Natale (Milan 31.aug.1920-) and Alessandro (Milan 1926-)

Title Parts

[] Ripiani. Organ
pub Edizioni Carrara, Bergamo 1969

[] Registri di ripieno. Organ. 1973
[] I registri nella struttura fonica dell'organo
pub Berben Edizioni Musicali, Ancona 1975
writing on the construction of organs - ? including music

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