Baldenecker, Johann Conrad Baptist 6.jan.1823-?? Germany, Wallau near Frankfurt am Main - ?, ?
pianist, 8.jan.1823 baptized and raised in Frankfurt, studied piano with his uncle Johann Daniel Baldenecker, Franz Liszt and Theodor Dohler, theory with Ferdinand Kessler, 1838-1842 he traveled as concert pianist the Rhein area and excelled in well attended concerts in Stuttgart, 1838 he made a concert tour with flutist Louis Drouet, 1839-1840 he toured the Netherlands, Belgium and France with the hornist of the Nassau ducal court Jacob K Mayer and singer Anna Fink-Lohr, 8.nov.1839 performing at the Odeon in Amsterdam, 15.dec.1839 at Diligentia in Den Haag, 17.jan.1840 at the Schouwburg in Breda, 3.feb.1840 at the Grote Concertzaal in Groningen, 18.mar.1840 at Theatre Francais in Amsterdam, 1841-1842 he made his second concert tour through the Netherlands, Belgium and England some with violinist Bernhard Molique, 18.feb.1842 performing at Felix Meritis and 22.feb.1842 at the Hoogduitschen Schouwburg in Amsterdam, then canceled further concerts in Amsterdam to tour the provinces, 1844 he gave concerts in Homburg before the Prince of Prussia who had to leave in the middle of the festivities because an attack was perpetrated in Berlin on July 27 on his father the King of Prussia, he became professor at the piano school founded by his father in Frankfurt am Main, 1855-1865 he led his Baldenecker-Quartett in Wiesbaden ; son of composer Johann Baptist jr. ; 29.apr.1856 in Wallau he married Elisabeth Wehn

Title Parts

[] Deux nocturnes pour pianoforte
pub Dunst, Frankfurt am Main 1842

[] Grande fantaisie et variations sur un motif de l'opera La Sonnambula de Bellini. Piano. op3
pub Allgemeine Musikhandlung, Stuttgart 1843
pub Friedrich Hofmeister, Leipzig

[] Die gefangenen sanger "Voglein einsam in dem bauer"
published in "Europa, Chronik der gebildeten Welt", Karlsruhe 1843
ms Brigham Young University, Harold B. Lee Library, Provo Utah

[] Der sterbende spricht, fur eine singstimme mit begleitung des pianoforte und violoncellos
gedicht von Adolph Schults
pub August Lewald, Karlsruhe 1843

[] Ah lorsque la mort trop cruelle. Song with arrangement for guitar
ms Pfarrbibliothek Sankt Nikolai, Dobeln

[] Wilhelm Tell. Melodrama
ms (former owner H. Henkel) Library of Congress, Washington DC

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