Baldenecker, Johann Baptist sr. 5.oct.1777-13.nov.1849 Germany, Mainz - Frankfurt am Main
violinist, first violin at the Amsterdam Opera Netherlands, 2.apr.1799 as citizen of Amsterdam he played a Concert de violon at the Zaal van de Manege in Amsterdam, 13.mar.1806 as violinist with his wife pianist Mad. Baldenecker he played at a grand concert at Salle du Manege Hollandais in Amsterdam, 12.nov.1809 together with Louis Mann, Dahmen, Scriwanek, Thieme and Agazzi he gave a concert at the Hoogduitsche Schouwburg in Amsterdam, later violinist at the Opera of Frankfurt, he died at an advanced age (Fetis), 15.mar.1844 pianiste H B Baldenecker recommended in Amsterdam newspapers pianos from Schulze & Hillebrand Leeuwarden, 1860 at the 20th anniversary and the manufacture of their 1000th piano this firm mentions Thalberg, Litolff, Dreyschock and Baldenecker as famous pianists who used their pianos ; son of composer Ulrich Baldenecker ; brother of Conrad I, Nikolaus and Johann Baptist jr. ; uncle of Johann David ; he married Sophie Caroline Ernestine Opitz

[Fetis 1835 gives his name erroneously as Johann Bernhard Baldenecker]

Title Parts

[] Concert sur le violon, par Mr. Baldenecker
performed by violinist Louis Mann at Salle du Spectacle Allemand, Amsterdam 8jan1810

[] 3 Duos. 2 Violins. op1
pub Andre, Offenbach

[] 6 Trios. Violin, viola and cello. op1
dedication: Baron Schener
pub W. N. Haricifen, Frankfurt am Main
pub Andre, Offenbach (Fetis)
[] 1 - in F
[] 2 - in B flat
[] 3 - in C
[] 4 - in G
[] 5 - in d
[] 6 - in E flat
[] Polonaise. Piano. op2
pub Fisher, Frankfurt

[] Polonaise. Piano. op4
pub Hoffmann und Dunst, Frankfurt

[] Polonaise. Piano. op6
pub Hoffmann und Dunst, Frankfurt

[] Theme varie. Piano. op7
pub Hoffmann und Dunst, Zeil Litera D no204 Frankfurt am Main
attributed to J. B. Baldenecker l'aine by Fetis, but on a publication by J. D. Hoffmann attributed to J. B. Baldenecker le jeune, proprietaire de l'Institut Musical a Francfort sur Mein

[] Polonaise in d. Piano
pub Schott, Mainz

[] Theme varie. Violin, viola and cello
pub N. Simrock, Bonn

[] Le cercle. Delassement musical en theme varie. Violin, 2 violins and cello
composed by Johann Bernhard Baldenecker l'aine (Fetis, Eitner)
pub H. C. Steup Amsterdam

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