Baldi, Lamberto 28.mar.1895-13.sep.1979 Italy, Orvieto - Uruguay, Montevideo
conductor, at the age of 6 he already played piano and flute and soon started composing and conducting the band of his father, studied music with Antonio Scontrino and Ildebrando Pizzetti at Istituto Musicale in Florence, he started his career as conductor in Italy, Spain and Portugal, 1926 he became conductor of the newly founded Sociedade Sinfonica de Sao Paulo in Brazil, 20.jun.1931-1941 conductor of the newly founded radio orchestra OSSODRE (Orquesta Sinfonica del Servicio Oficial de Difusion Radio Electrica) in Montevideo, 1947-1949 conductor of Orquesta Municipal in Buenos Aires, 1951-1953 again of OSSODRE in Montevideo, 1954 at Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires, then traveled Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, France, Italy, 1962-1963 founder/conductor of Calouste Gulbenkian chamber orchestra in Lisbon Portugal, 7.aug.1965 he gave his last performance with the OSSODRE, among his students in composition and conducting were Camargo Guarnieri, Guido Santorsola, Hector Tosar Errecart and Dinora de Carvalho

Title Parts
[] Dila. Azione drammatica in due atti
libretto Jacopo Salvi
pub Fratelli Stianti, Sancasciano in Val di Pesa (Florence) 1911
ms Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale, Florence

[] Minuetto. Piano
pub Florence 1913

[] Pericon. 1938
music Luis Cluzeau-Mortet, instrumentacion de Lamberto Baldi
performed by OSSODRE under Lamberto Baldi at Estudio Auditorio, Montevideo 10jun1939

[] Euridice
music Jacopo Peri, edited and arranged by Lamberto Baldi
performed under his direction in Montevideo 1949 and in Europe 1954-1961 and broadcasted on Radio France

[] Messa in F
music Domenico Zipoli, edited and arranged by Lamberto Baldi
performed under his direction in Montevideo 1965

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