Balducci, Giuseppe Antonio Luigi Angelo 2.may.1796-1845 Italy, Iesi - Spain, Malaga
singer, at the age of 17 he formed his own opera troupe in Iesi, after killing the nephew of the Papal Governor of Iesi in a duel he had to flee Iesi, studied music with Pietro Moranti in Bologna, completed his studies with Niccolo Zingarelli in Naples, he became singing teacher to the three daughters of principe Raimondo Capece Minutolo and remained member of their household for the rest of his life, director of Real Collegio di Musica di San Sebastiano in Naples, he died on a trip to Malaga [Grove 2002]

[Schmidl 1926 gives died Bologna, possibly because of the sole fact that his autobiography has been saved at Accademia Filarmonica di Bologna]

Title Parts

[] Miserere. 4vv and strings. 1825
[] Tazia. Opera. Teatro San Carlo, Naples 15jan 1826
libretto Luigi Ricciuti
[] - Che vedo. Numa immenso. Non piu veggio
Jennifer Rhys-Davies s, Paul Nilon t, Philharmonia / David Parry. Opera Rara 104
[] Il conte di Marsico. Melodramma. Posta in musica per sole voci di donne con accompagnamento di 2 pianoforte dei quali uno a 4 mani. Women's voices only and 2 pianos 6 hands. Casa Minutolo, Naples 26feb1839
composed for the three daughters of Raimondo Capece Minutolo
pub Giovanni Ricordi, Milan 1840

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