Balendonck, Armand Edouard (Edward) 9.aug.1893-27.jun.1956 Belgium, Liege - USA NY, New York
violinist, conductor, studied at the Royal Conservatory in Brussel, with Caesar Thompson, Vincent d'Indy and Eugene Ysaye, 1903-1905 theory with L Beauvais, 1906-1909 composition with B Lagye, violinist in Brussel, 20.oct.1912 emigrated to the USA, 1912 violinist with the New Orleans Opera Company, 1917 working for Ernest Boehringer Co. at the Triangle Theatre in New Orleans, 8.jan.1919 naturalized American, 1920-1923 head Opera Department at the Cincinnati College of Music, 1929-1933 conductor of the Newark Symphony Orchestra and Newark Sinfonietta New Jersey, 1934 residing at Hotel McAlpin New York City, 1940-1942 founder/conductor of Tri-City (Troy, Albany, Schenectady) Symphony Orchestra and Schenectady Philharmonic, 1942-1952 maintained a private studio in New York City ; son of Hubert Balendonck and Juliette Pierre ; 1913 he married Shirley Anderson (Louisiana 14.jun.1893-10.feb.1982 Dallas) divorced c1920 ; children William Armand (31.jan.1914-) and Rodney Fernand (6.may.1916-20.jul.1987 Dallas) ; sep.1928 he married Marie Rose Givens

Title Parts

[] Captive
words J. M. Stuart Young
pub New York Music Bureau Inc. 1931

[] Suite for children. Warsaw Philharmonic 1933
[] Symphony in d. 1935
[] The moon. Song. 1936
words Robert Louis Stevenson

[] Windy nights. Song. 1936
words Robert Louis Stevenson

[] How sweet. 1936
words John Dryden

[] Procession of the Scots Guards. Symphonic band. 1938
[] Metropolis. Orchestra. Metropolitan Opera, New York feb1949
[] Cosmos. Ballet. Lewisohn Stadium, New York jul1949
[] Canties gregorianus. Double string orchestra
National Symphony Orchestra Washington

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