Balfe (ne Balph), Michael William 15.may.1808-20.oct.1870 Ireland, Dublin - England, Rowney Abbey near Ware

[in old gothic german the character 's' is printed as 'f', this is why his name is sometimes erroneously transcribed as Balse]

Title Parts

Come into the garden Maud. Baritone and orchestra
Robert Tear tenor, Andre Previn piano. HMV 74242

[] The bohemian girl (The gypsy) (Die Zigeunerin). Opera. Drury Lane, London 27nov1843
the greatest triumph of his career, it ran at Drury Lane for 100 days and was an international success
[] - Cavatina Das herz von kummer
[] - Romanze [? which, this opera is full of romances]
[] Offertorium
composed by M. W. Balse
ms St Anna church Weisskirchen (now Yugoslavia, Bela Crkva) 1855

[rem: an offertory by Michael William Balfe cannot be indentified but it may be such a wellknown song from one of his operas that the copyist/writer found it unnecessary to give the full title. Anyway, a composer named M. W. Balse does not exist]

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