Balkashin, Yury Anatolyevich 18.oct.1923-23.oct.1960 Russia, Petrograd (St Petersburg) - Komarovo
1941-1948 studied with Maximilian Shteinberg and Boris Arapov at Leningrad (St Petersburg) Conservatory, 1950 teacher at Leningrad Conservatory, he died from an attack of epilepsy ; son of the shipbuilder rear admiral Anatol I Balkashin ; husband of Galina Ustvolskaya

Title Parts

[] String quartet. 1944
[] Sonata for violin and piano. 1948
[] Stone flower. Suite for orchestra. 1950
[] Pavlik Morozov. Symphonic poem. 1954
[] Grass overgrown trenches. Vocal-symphonic poem 1959
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