Ball, Charles f1855-f1861 England, ? - ?, ?

Title Parts

[] Shadows of the past "When midst the joyous throng". Song
the poetry by Eva
pub London 1855

[] The evening star "Bright star of eve". Quartett
pub J. P. Hullah, The Singer's Library of concerted music. Secular. No.51. 1859

[] Tho' clouds o'ershade the opening flowr. Song
the poetry by R. J. O'Reilly
pub London 1861

[] My Mary of the curling hair. Voice and piano
words Gerald Griffin, music Charles Ball
pub J. Williams, London b1906

[] Maid of Athens
pub Edwin Ashdown Ltd., London b1906

[] Silver myrtles march. Piano
also published in arrangements for full orchestra, full band, medium band, small band
pub Hawkes & Son, London b1906

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