Ball, Derek 1949- Ireland Co. Donegal, Letterkenny
studied composition with Archie Potter and James Walter Wilson at the Royal Irish Academy of Music in Dublin, 1973 Doctor of Medicine from Trinity College Dublin, 1974 worked as psychiatrist in Dublin and since 1978 in Glasgow Scotland, 1991-2003 secretary and treasurer of the Scottish Society of Composers with an increasing activity as composer, 2004 on his retirement he fully returned to a musical career

Title Parts

[] Getting there. Violin. 1998
[] Miniature violin concertos nos 1 to 4. 1998 []
[] Clairseoireacht. Soprano and harp. 1999
[] Without a scratch. Violin. 2003
dedicated to Greg Lawson

[] Voila. Viola and orchestra. 2004
[] Tarantula hell. Alto, clarinet, piano, violin, cello and double bass. 2006
[] Snake-dance of Saint Patrick. Violin. 2008
dedication: For Gregory Harrington

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